Freeloader: Win tickets to the Jingle Jam tonight at the Fillmore

Do you think Twista's tongue ever gets blisters? Seriously. Or at least sprained from time to time? The cat's flow is completely out of control. He's flipped our lid every time we've heard him rhyme since first being introduced to him via "Mista Tung Twista" well over a decade ago.

If you've heard him rap, it's no mystery how he earned a nod from the Guiness Book of Records in 1992 as the fastest MC in the world. Dude evidently spews nearly a dozen syllables a second -- not that they're always intelligible. Hell, we've heard "Mista Tung Twista" around 346 times or so by now, and we still have absolutely no idea what the hell he's rapping about. (We think it might be kittens knitting christmas wishes or something ill like that.)

Anyhow, we're eager to see him do his thing at the Fillmore tonight for KS-107.5's Jingle Jam with Fabolous and Mario. Want to join us? We've got tickets with your name of 'em, and all you need to do to claim them is drop us a line with your full name (the one that appears on your drivers license). We'll pick some winners after 3 p.m., so check your e-mail.

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