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Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Kevin Pistol, Jahni Denver, Catch Lungs and Foodchain

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We're back with another fresh batch of Colorado hip-hop, all with stimulating videos to bring the tracks to life. First, the often controversial Kevin Pistol returns with a track about his superior mike control, while Jahni Denver drops an inspiration track with help from Krizz Kaliko. Catch Lungs, meanwhile, attempts to change the game with "Nip Tuk," and Foodchain adds visuals to its MMJ anthem "Young Amsterdam." Continue on to see what's good this week.

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Kevin Pistols - "I Do it Right" Kevin Pistols hits hard with this new track. The song is anchored by simplistic percussion and subtle bells, and lyrics that change tempo at a moment's notice. Pistols raspy delivery fits nicely over the smooth beat, as he raps about how nice he is on the mike: "Ain't nothing phony about Pistol/My flow authentic/In a minute, y'all gonna know I can blow without a gimmick." Pistols delivers another quality track here, along with an interesting video with multiple scenes in one very big house.

Jahni Denver - "Promised Land" Jahni Denver delivers a heartfelt track along with assistance from Strange Music's Krizz Kaliko, who appears on the hook, but leaves the rapping to Denver, who raps about his childhood struggles and overcoming obstacles to "make it to the promised land." With subtly affected vocals, Denver flows over a pulsating beat, layered with up-tempo, palpitating beeps and synth lines. Denver surprises by matching Kaliko's chorus with some interesting harmonized vocals for his verses.

Catch Lungs - Nip Tuk video from Eric Heights on Vimeo.

Catch Lungs - "Nip Tuk" Catch Lungs's cadence on this track from his upcoming project LSD fluctuates as he raps about his his life with lyrics like, "I'm not all about the fame/But I love getting paid/I'm trying to find the one I love/But I love getting laid." The beat quickly starts with a tom-tom drumroll before oozing into slow motion with piercing high-pitched strings, giving it slowed down EDM sound. The video is another Eric Heights creation.

Foodchain - "Young Amsterdam" This track is a coronation of Denver's weed culture, and so the beat's fittingly calm. The slow percussion snails to a start as F.Lawless uses a colorful assonance in lines about his studio rituals like, "I got Sativa/I got some lean and some Aquafina/You got a liter/I got the cheba/Let's agree to/Steam one and pour a drink up/And throw a peace up." Oren's flow offers a nice contrast in style to FL, with rhymes about the change in culture due to legalization and a narrative about how easily product can be purchased. The song is bolstered by a great video, giving the lyrics proper visualization.

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