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Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Richie Rich, Monte Burns, F.Lawless and Tommy Brown

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Back again with more fresh Colorado-grown hip-hop. This week's batch features a hustle anthem from Richie Rich, and Monte Burns showing his versatility. F.Lawless, meanwhile, drops a new video from his solo debut, Limbo, and Tommy Brown shows off his ink and moolah. Continue on to see what's good.

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Richie Rich featuring P.A.C. and Kreepa - "All Day, All Night" Richie Rich drops a street anthem about his everyday hustle with enticing bravado. The beat sways from side to side in rhythm with the chorus, anchored by a slow drawl in the delivery that resonates easily. Veteran Arapahoe Trues MC P.A.C. almost steals the show with his verse, adding a reggae-style flow, while young protégé Kreepa adds a drop-style rhyme scheme on the third verse. Richie Rich is an upcoming talent, and combined with P.A.C., a pioneer in the scene, and Kreepa, next up himself, the result is a good mix of styles.

Monte Burns - "We the Future" The production here is uptempo and has some EDM qualities to it, with its harmonized strings and pulsing, laser-like chimes. Monte Burns employs a trap-style, double assonance pattern for most of the song, showing his strengths in the composition. The sound is very progressive, even futuristic, and Burns's delivery brings a street feel to it that complements it well.

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F.Lawless (Foodchain) - "The Game" The Biggie sample outlines the theme of this song with the lines "You would too/If you knew/What this game will do to you," but the lyrics focus more on the last bar of the hook: "Look at all the bullshit I been through." Banging with an 808-style kick, the production immediately pulls you in with the slow ring of a soft bell, as F.Lawless laces his verses with rhymes about his plight in the game: "So elevated/I'm levitating/Been hella patient/Now eliminating competition/Scratch that, tell me who the opposition?" The song offers more content and lyricism than other songs that have used a Big sample for the hook.

Tommy Brown - "Tatted and Paid" Tommy Brown's (formerly S.T.) new single features a beat, produced by Dat Dude Looney, that's minimal but works well with deep bass and a melodious xylophone-like lead. There are some cliche punchlines, like "If you ain't speaking money/You ain't speaking my language," but overall, the song is catchy and certainly appeals to the young pop culture, and Tommy Brown's delivery makes the track memorable.

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