Fresh hip-hop: New tracks and videos from Input, with Caleb Slade, LKeys' and AP

The hip-hop scene has been buzzing with a slew of local rap releases and videos recently. The most compelling of these features Input, with some help from DJ Ear Attent and Caleb Slade, giving a thematic performance on "Gods of Misfortune," while LKeys draws on the club element for his video, "Coming Home With Me," and AP takes us all on a "Smoke Tour."

Input and Caleb Slade give the most soul-stirring performance of the bunch with "Gods of Misfortune," a track about missing loved ones and the healing properties of music, hip-hop in particular. Input is passionate and emotionally articulate. Sometimes these "songs for the homies who've passed" can be off-putting, but here, the MC takes this story to another level, describing the gods of misfortune as "hostile but cordial" over resounding piano bridges and the wrenching vocals of Caleb Slade.

LKeys, meanwhile, enlists a mass of friends for a club-driven joint on "Coming Home With Me." There's a pretty cool scene in which the MC's moving about Independent Records, where he runs into a cute girl, proving, of course, that pretty girls do, in fact, shop at record stores. The song does more than the video, actually, which is really a lot of bottle popping, hands in the air and a quick appearance from Kevin Kain; it ends with LKeys getting the girl and calling it a night.

For his, ahem, joint, "Smoke Tour (Plane After Plane)," AP delivers a catchy tune that's all about his proclivity for smokage, describing with notable vigor the frequency in which he puffs and the preferred method for satiating his appetite for the green. From a rap perspective, AP does his thing. The chopped and screwed vocals, which give instructions on rolling, are a nice touch in this ode to Mary Jane.

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