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Fresh local hip-hop from Foodchain, Spoke In Wordz with Myke Charles, Sid Fly and more

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This week, we've got enough rap to make your head spin and then some. Check for hot new music from the Foodchain, Myke Charles and Spoke In Wordz murdering a dope boom-bap hip-hop beat, Myrical Child and the latest smoker's anthem to keep in heavy rotation, a peek at the latest video from Pries celebrating how far he's come, plus new cuts from LKeys, Sid Fly and more. The rap cats are doing their thing and we're loving it. Page down to check the rhyme.

The Foodchain pair up with Raekwon's latest protégée J.D Era for "Back to the Basics," a track produced by Mo Heat and featuring ChampSoundKillaBlack on the hook, along with a dope verse from C-1. For his part, J.D. Era churns out a pretty solid verse, albeit with a less flamboyant execution and more focus on lyrics.

Myke Charles gives the best performance of this week's round up with his opening verse on Spoke In Wordz' new joint, "Raw Shit." Calling himself, "Myke Chuck," the MC goes off with a verse carrying more swag than we've seen in a while. We're feeling the collaboration from these two and like the rhythm they bring out in each other.

Myrical Child and ODawg give us a hot new smoker's anthem with "Smoke Until It Hurt," set to be released on a mixtape by the same name. They can't stop, wont' stop smoking the good herb and the MCs let you know as much over a rousing beat that loud and bass heavy. The two go back and forth with their clever rhymes, and Myrical really shines on the track. We're feeling this.

Sid Fly gives us "Red Eye," a joint that's meant to inspire those who stay up late chasing the dream, taking risks and living long. Check for the MC saying he's using "drugs and pretty women," to stay afloat. Sid's flow isn't the most consistent but the lyrics bolster the song.

The latest video from Pries for "I've Waited" is a perfect highlight reel of the MCs last few months of monster shows and rocking crowds through the roof of every venue he touches. The verses aren't a major jump from the tragedy to triumph themes Pries usually explores, but check for the MC's vocals on this one as the main highlight.

Sonny Nuke takes it to the West Coast with the production on "Arson," and while we're feeling his lyrics more than the beat, he does indeed set the song ablaze with his verses about being an outcast yet holding all the heat necessary to change the game. Nuke's voice is ruff and gravelly, giving this one a boost.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.