Fresh local hip-hop from Spoke in Wordz, Mr. Midas and King Foe, with Lokon

New year, new things, new rap! You know the deal. Every week we scoured the scene for the freshest hip-hop. This week, we've got Spoke in Wordz doing his thing with an Eric Heights-directed joint that was actually filmed inside Denver International Airport; Mr. Midas gets all elevator-sexy on his joint, "Look How You Got Me Actin"; and Lenny Lenn holds down the director's position for Lokon and King Foe's new video for "Loaded Gun." Page down to check it all out.

Spoke has never been one to shy away from controversial subject matter in his rhymes, and this track, "Signs," is no different. With DIA fittingly serving as a backdrop, Spoke raps about secret societies, the Illuminati and the systems that divide us. Check for a cameo from that super-scary blue horse with the red eyes. You know the one.

Mr. Midas goes with a different flow for this one. Employing the daydreaming theme from Jay-Z's "Excuse Me Miss," Midas is seduced by a fly girl in an elevator while he spits super-sexual lyrics with a laid-back flow. This one is definitely different for Midas, but he does it well, and besides, who hasn't fantasized about sex in an elevator?

Foe and Lokon, on the other hand, are all about drugs, guns and keeping their composure. Lenny Lenn lets the chemistry between Foe and Lokon tell this story, as the two use their verses as release therapy. Here they are two peas in a pod, discussing all the reasons why their minds are on the verge of explosion -- that is, if that pod includes cognac, drugs and loaded guns.

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