Fresh new hip-hop from Myrical Child, Dyalekt, Spoke in Wordz, Innerstate Ike and more

The summer being over has not slowed the MC's down in the slightest. Each week, we deliver the newest, freshest, and dopest tracks coming out of the hip-hop scene, and today is no different. Myrical Child capitalizes off of Floyd Mayweather's winning streak with a new joint; Turner Jackson's heart needs space; Innerstate Ike is in love with money; Dyalekt and Spoke in Wordz love Pepsi, and Joe Thunder brings us a dope graffiti video rounding out the fray. This week's rap is kicking in the door.

Myrical Child's joint "Floyd Mayweather" is essentially a song of bragging rights. Showing off the boxer's undefeated streak with braggadocios rhymes and encouraging chants of, "Go money!" Myrical Child does well with this one, from concept to execution, it's pretty clever.

Turner Jackson is putting out a project called My Heart Needs Space, and by the looks of this anthemic video for "Denver Superstar," the MC will likely be rap/singing metaphoric odes over down tempo beats. The hook could have used less of the singing, but as always, Turner raps his head off.

Denver Superstar by Turner Jackson from Jeremy Pape on Vimeo.

Speaking of rapping heads, Dyalekt and Spoke in Wordz have teamed up to deliver a love song to the soft drink, Pepsi that, while humorous, is one of the most cohesive songs in this week's line-up. Featuring a drop from DJ Bedz, and a nice diss to kool-aid, the fellas prove they can rap about anything, and it's damn good.

Innerstate Ike teamed up with Mass Prod for his track "Nia Long." Ike pretty much rips every beat he takes on but the MC is most impressive on this one. The line, "having money feels great like some good pussy," sounds almost demure against the grave production. To put it quite frank, this is gangster shit at its finest.

Rounding out this week's rap news is a video filmed by Joe Thunder showcasing the graffiti side of things. Peep the video with a track from B.Blacc.

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