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Friday Rap-Up: Nyke Nitti, Dr. Dre, The Game, DMX

Nyke Nitti gets in where he fits in.


Nyke Nitti (formerly Nyke Loc) has been putting in work in the local scene for over a decade. His biggest project came around 2000, with the release of Mob Life on his Str8 Check’n imprint. The album scored a solid distribution deal to more than 25 states and garnered attention from The Source and Murder Dog magazines. Based off the attention, Nyke was steadily selling CDs and was able tour and stay on the road. But then everything fell through.

“Our distribution company filed bankruptcy,” Nyke says. “We never received a check from the distribution company, there was little stock left of the album, and with really no budget to regroup, the album kind of fizzled out. It was a great album, but with any album with no promotion, that ass is gone. Then a few of my business partners got caught up in some illegal activities which landed them in jail for an extended stay. This left just me and my little brother Moheat, who was growing and getting better at producing. My producer Zaboo was locked up, along with a couple of my guys, which then put all the weight on me. I had to put together my own studio from scratch!”

Because of Nyke’s hustle, he was able to release a compilation, Mobb Muzik, featuring Julox, Innerstate Ike, Dai Dai, Dragon E, and other local artists, and an album called The Laundrymat. While Nyke was trying to secure another distribution deal, he and his brother began recording even more tracks and the result is his latest album, The Formula.

“I had over 75 songs recorded, some still no one has heard except for the people at the studio who made the songs with me," he says. "We picked out the best songs and just sat on them. I did a mixtape with DJ KTONE called Slap Music. The title track Slap Music, which is also on The Formula, is all over the city now thanks to KTONE and DJ Quote. But The Formula is the best album I have done to date! Very lyrical on some songs and there’s a few songs that could become street anthems like ‘Baby’s Momma’, ‘Jubilatin’, and ‘From the Gutta.’ The sound quality is phenomenal. It’s one of the best albums of 2008 independent or major release period!”

There’s no slowing down for Nyke either. Up next is an album from his artist, Twizz Loak, called High City, his group, the Breadboyz, a collaboration album with Julox, and a project with Colorado Springs group the Cowboys. Nyke even did some writing for his parents, Nathanial & Necy, on their album Truly Anointed – yes, it’s a gospel album.

“This game is unlimited really,” Nyke said in reference to his longevity. “I can get in where I fit in. I can produce and write so there’s really no time span for me. As long as I stay current and don’t stick to old school ways I should be ok!”

Dr. Dre’s son found dead Last weekend Dr. Dre’s twenty-year-old son, Andre Young, Jr. was found dead in his Woodland Hills home. According to reports, Young, Jr. went out on Friday night and returned home early Saturday morning around 5:30 a.m. When his mother went in to check on him a few hours later, Young, Jr. was unresponsive and immediately called 911. The cause of death has yet to be determined. Dre nor his family have released a statement on the tragic event.

The Game squashes beef with Joe Budden, Young Buck Earlier this week The Game held a show in New York city and publicly squashed with former enemies. The first was Joe Budden, a New Jersey rapper Game had a heated battle when he first joined G-Unit back in 2004. The two performed Budden’s classic hit, “Pump It Up,” together. The Game then brought out Young Buck, who is the most recent rapper kicked out of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew. The two rappers had words for each other after The Game was kicked out of G-Unit, but they came to an understanding after Buck was kicked out earlier this year. "Without me, they just a Unit," Buck rapped according to MTV News.

DMX curses at judge, gets out of jail Last week DMX was arrested at a Wal-Mart in Miami, Florida. When he went in front of the judge this week to answer to a drug possession charge, the rapper was expected to be bonded ut and extradited to Phoenix, Arizona where he faces more charges. But the Miami judge said there was no bond and that DMX had to kick it in the MIA for awhile. DMX, obviously upset, responded by saying “I ain’t going back to no f**king jail." Well, he was released a couple of days later after pleading guilty to minor drug possession charges and paying a $483 fine. DMX still has a warrant for his arrest in Phoenix where he faces multiple drug charges and also faces charges in Scottsdale, Arizona ranging from drugs to animal cruelty.


The Game L.A.X. For The Game’s third album, the formula is pretty much the same: Hot gangsta lyrics over dope gangsta beats. DMX, Ludacris, Nas, Keyshia Cole, Ice Cube, Raekwon all make appearances on the album along with production from Kanye West, Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, Hi-Tek, Irv Gotti, J.R. Rotem and a few other hitmakers. If you liked the previous two albums, you like this one too.

V.I.C. Beast V.I.C. is an up-and-coming rapper out of Atlanta who is embracing current crop of Southern hip-hop. Yes, even that Soulja Boy sound. The rapper behind the Soulja Dance even produced V.I.C.’s first single “Get Silly,” so you basically know where he’s coming from. The album may prove that V.I.C. is a beast for the dance floor, but definitely not on the mic. -- Quibian Salazar-Moreno

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