Frogs Gone Fishin'

Since the dawn of time — or at least the 1960s — a particular breed of music has been consistently popular in these parts: relaxed, groove-oriented, quasi-rock jams that cause true believers to twist like overcooked vermicelli. Hippie music, many call it, and Frogs Gone Fishin' has the subgenre down pat. From "Wake," replete with jaunty percussion (pardon me, but is that cowbell?) and an African guitar figure, to "Crawl," a meandering lope capable of raising the living Dead, every stereotype is seemingly trapped in amber. Aficionados of the form will love "Summer's Gone," whose lyrical command that "all the ladies of Earth must dance" no doubt drives 'em wild in ski towns. As for the rest of you, don't worry: You've heard every note of this album many times before.

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