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Front Line Assembly

The industrial-music scene is an incestuous orgy of member-swapping between synthesizer swingers. These days, you can't throw a rock into a room of rivetheads without hitting at least one person who did a guest spot on a Revolting Cocks album. Front Line Assembly's Bill Leeb is no exception (although, to his credit, he has yet to appear on a RevCo release). Leeb started his programming career back in the early '80s with Skinny Puppy; after leaving the group, he started the electronic-heavy Front Line Assembly with fellow Canadians Michael Balch and Rhys Fulber. Through the years, Front Line has progressed and regressed through the undercurrents of dance-floor techno-handed beats and metal-tinged guitar-filtered excess. And Leeb gets plenty of action on the side with his other projects, including Delerium, Noise Unit and Cyberaktif. Dude gets around. With all that activity, he'd better remember to pack some protection.
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Tuyet Nguyen