Fugazi opening its live archives: Five bands that should follow suit.

Have you heard the good/great news? Legendary punk band Fugazi is opening the vaults and releasing recordings of pretty much every live show the band has ever played. As a group with a reputation for incredible live shows who doesn't do a lot of touring these days, that's great news for fans new and old.

No word yet on what it'll cost to download these recordings, but given the act's well-known insistence on releasing music/playing shows at affordable prices, it's safe to say it will probably be affordable, which is awesome. And now that that's out of the way, here's a list of five more great live acts that should follow suit (that aren't jam bands -- those bands already do this, generally speaking).

The Cure The Cure are a fantastic live band, yet for some reason every official concert recording (apart from concert video In Orange),they've ever released is a steaming pile of shit, showcasing the band at its sloppiest, most drunken and generally inept shows. WTF? They can do better, and have many times (watch the video above for a mind-blowing rendition of "A Forest"). C'mon, Robert Smith, you fat, sad bastard. Give us the good stuff!

Tool Tool is awesome live. Tool has zero official concert albums. Tool should get with the program. Doing drugs at crowded concert venues isn't always an option. Sometimes it's nice to do them in the privacy of your darkened bedroom, but still have the mind-shattering intensity of a live Tool show as the soundtrack. This would make that possible.

Soul Coughing Oh, Soul Coughing, you died too young. And while band leader Mike Doughty's solo material is generally good, occasionally great, and he's an amazing performer in his own right, it rarely approaches the boundless creativity and insane energy that Soul Coughing. There are a handful of Soul Coughing live shows available at, but in a perfect world, they all would have been recorded and all available (preferably for free) to give us the maximum possible amount of Soul Coughing goodness.

Richie Hawtin Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) has made a career of stretching and warping the definition of DJ, bringing in drum machine and effects units to complement his records, pioneering the use of computers for live performance and more. Also, he's fucking awesome. It's likely there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of recorded performances from him floating around out there (anyone have a copy of this Richie Hawtin set from Beta we reviewed a few years ago?). Now, can someone pretty please put them all in one easy-to-access place for us?

Jamie Lidell Don't recognize the name? Clearly you haven't seen one of his shows (like this Jamie Lidell live show reviewed a few years back) because once you do, you will never forget him. His records are gorgeous, slabs of electronic neo-soul. Live, it's two parts of that, two parts noise act, one-part crowd participation, three parts skullfuck insanity and all parts fucking incredible. Release the tapes, Jamie!

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