Garbage at the Ogden Theatre, 10/6/12

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After opening the show with a vigorous take on "Automatic Systematic Habit," and then following with the equally charged up "I Think I'm Paranoid" and "Shut Your Mouth," Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson was greeted by a blast of applause from the sold out frenzied crowd at the Ogden Theatre. Manson said it had been a long time coming. Not only had it been seven years since the band's last tour, but also the Ogden show was postponed about five months. "Let me just assure you that we are so much tighter than when we first started out," Manson said. "So I think it all worked for the best."

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Indeed, Manson and company wasted no time firing up the crowd near the stage, which was primarily dude-centric with few females scattered throughout. No surprise there, as Manson no doubt is one of rock music's sexiest and most mesmerizing singers, and to watch her up close is something to behold.

This was especially the case on the unhurried "Queer," where Manson stayed right by the mike stand the whole song and slowly gyrated her hips. Other times, Manson paced around in circles or shifted on her feet like she'd just entered a boxing ring and was loosening up. There was also something quite feline about her movements on stage. Hell, whatever she was doing was pretty damn captivating.

While Manson was the focal point most of the evening, the rest of the band delivered a thoroughly solid set fueled by Butch Vig's propulsive drumming and the bass playing of former Jane's Addiction member Eric Avery. Guitarists Duke Erikson and Steve Marker doubled on keyboards occasionally.

Arms in the crowd were up and clapping during the intro to "Stupid Girl," while Vig laid down the hi-hat beat based on the Clash's "Train in Vain." The crowd seemed equally enthusiastic about "Control" and "#1 Crush." During "Big Bright World" Manson asked one of the security guys to check out what might have been some sort skirmish near the stage.

"I don't know what's happening lately," Manson said after the song, "but every bloody show we do, there's a big fucking ruckus. I'm not kidding. It's like people getting crazy in here. It's really quite a phenomenon. And it's actually usually the girls -- crazy girls getting all heated up."

After "Cherry Lips" and "Blood for Poppies," Manson commented on how wide-ranging the crowds were at the band's shows. As mentioned earlier, there was definitely a large gathering of men near the stage, while it was mish-mash of ages and gender in other parts of venue.

"You know it's crazy when you keep looking at your crowd and we keep trying to figure out who comes to Garbage concerts," Manson said. "And what is so insane is how eclectic you all are. There's like really, really young kids here, and then there's like -- well, then there's me -- and then there's everything in between. And we see that as a badge of honor for us. We take this as a very flattering situation. We love confounding those who like to put us in a little box. You know what I'm saying.

"So we may be a little bit of a weird motley crew, but being the owner of mutt and a motley dog, that's the kind of thing that I like in my life. I'm not looking for pure breed. I'm looking for a big fucked up mess like us."

But that fucked up mess knows how to put on a damn fine show, and the outfit really brought it near the end of the show for "I'm Only Happy When it Rains," before closing out the night with "Vow."


Personal bias: While some of the folks in the crowd had been waiting seven years since the last tour, I've wanted to see Garbage for close to fifteen years.

Random detail: The show was broadcasted live on AXS TV.

By the way: Manson said, "I would like to give a big thank you to the magnificent Screaming Females for opening up for us this evening. We are all like currently completely obsessed with them. Like that little firebomb, that little pistol, that little tiger with her little tiger teeth and her insolence and her truculence, and her guitar shredding."


Garbage Ogden Theatre - 10/6/12 Denver, CO

Automatic System Habit I Think I'm Paranoid Shut Your Mouth Do You Love Me Queer Stupid Girl Hammering in My Head Control #1 Crush Big Bright World Cherry Lips Blood for Poppies Special Milk Battle in Me Push It Only Happy When it Rains


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