Reader: Your Garth Brooks Review Was a Cloud of Liberal Pig Spew
Aaron Thackeray

Reader: Your Garth Brooks Review Was a Cloud of Liberal Pig Spew

Along with 84,000 other people (the largest crowd ever for an event at Mile High Stadium), Kyle Harris was at the Garth Brooks concert on June 8. And his review, "Garth Brooks at Broncos Stadium Showed Bitter White Men a Better Way," might have inspired a record number of comments.

"In a historical moment where the powers that be fuel their vision with racism, homophobia and sexism, Garth offered hospitality and generosity, two traits America is losing, to 84,000 people," Harris wrote. "That he’s still selling out stadiums suggests that maybe it's okay for us to drop the despair. Perhaps he’s right: Maybe in the end, 'we shall be free.'”

Or not. Says Bobby:

 Or it was just a concert where people who love music came to listen to a country music icon. More left- leaning bullshit; not a surprise coming from your publication. And just a pro tip: If you are going to speak for the minorities, you probably should be one. Ass clown!!

Adds Holly: 

Garth’s message of joy and acceptance was completely lost on the author of this article. The “bitter white male” narrative is becoming really tired. Give it a rest.

Responds Michael: 

I could smell the cow poo all over Denver. They came outta the north, drank beer, then got back into their GMCs and drove back to their holes.l

Writes Randy: 

This is the biggest rant of bullshit I've ever read. Congratulations. Although I can see through this cloud of liberal pig spew. You have made everyone less intelligent with your fantasy crap writing.

Suggests Chris:

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 I am certain you could not have disrespected more people in trying to tell a good story. I felt dirty reading it. Just talk about the joy of the concert without putting so many down. Sorry, really bad article.

Counters Samra: 

What a great article! Thanks, Westword!

Says John: 

The author of this article should be ashamed of himself and I hope hope the editors will take a look at his employment. In a world lacking in apathy, compassion and unity, this author chose to title his article in a way that would enrage and divide. Stop letting the media divide our nation. Stop letting the media profit off hate.

But then there's this from Ben: 

This article literally did the opposite of divide. It was a call for unity.

If, unlike Ben, you didn't read to the end of the article, or read it at all, here's how Kyle Harris concluded his review after quoting Garth Brooks's "we shall be free":

"That’s a powerful message, and Saturday night’s performance was a powerful show. Garth agreed. He said it on stage and again on Twitter, knowing full well that praising one city over another can backfire: 'Epic is an understatement! Denver, YOU just gave me the GREATEST night of my career!'

"I hope every day until he dies is the greatest of his career. He deserves it. Garth gave us something more precious than he received, something everyone would do well to embrace: a sense that the world can be more than a place of resentment, hostility and rage. He delivered unapologetic joy and showed us a better way."

You can read many more comments on Kyle Harris's piece here, and the Garth Brooks review that inspired them here. Did you see the concert? What did you think? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

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