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Video Premiere: Gasoline Lollipops' "Mustangs"

Gasoline Lollipops' newest video for the Robert Louis Cole-penned song "Mustangs" is a trip down memory lane. Here, though, memory lane is Colfax Avenue, and the song might not conjure good memories.

The video, directed by John Spalvins, also includes footage of the band, which will play the Grandoozy festival in September.

The song resonated with Gasoline Lollipops frontman Clay Rose.

"'Mustangs' was written by R.L. Cole and is one of my favorites of his," Rose says. "As far as I can tell, it’s a quasi-autobiographical tale of dangerous indulgence on the North and Central American highways. R.L. and I shared a few of those dangers back in the day, so the recording is really a nod to the Prince of East Colfax, as I like to refer to him, and our wild years."

Check out the video below and catch both Gasoline Lollipops and RL Cole, along with Grayson County Burn Ban, at the Bluebird Theater on May 18.

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