German techno duo Pan-Pot will experiment at NORAD

Fans of experimental techno know that Pan-Pot is not a reference to something that comes out of a kitchen; rather, it's a German techno duo that's named for a panoramic potentiometer — a switch that splits audio signals into left and right channels — and has been taking the production and dance-floor realms by storm during the past few years. Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix met at Berlin's prestigious SAE Institute, where they discovered they were both interested in electronica and began creating tunes together. Now the two produce music that spans the spectrum of techno's capabilities, dropping in elements from other genres (and sometimes creating entire tracks in other electronic subgenres). In person, the two switch off at the decks, using a combination of pre-recorded and live sounds to spin the floor into a frenzy with their unmistakable murky, twisted signature sound. See them in their first-ever Denver stop at NORAD on Saturday, January 19, with Lunatik.

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