Get a taste of Suicide Watch 2: Sambodextrust

Back in December, Colorado MCs Whygee and Sunkenstate connected with Colorado producer Kid Hum to create Suicide Watch, one of the better Colorado hip-hop releases of 2008. And it was free! Now Whygee and Sunk have reconnected for Suicide Watch 2: Sambodextrust, a seven-song collection that features production from Nigel One, Goodknight, Gyp Da Hipp and Kid Hum. The project also introduces a new super group called the Starting 5, which consists of Whygee, Sunk, Naeem Oba, singer CharleyBrand and DJ brikAbrak. As mentioned in today's Hearsay Bits, this entire project is being offered for free download. Grab a taste of the EP after the jump.


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