Get to know Itchy-O in six minutes or less

While everybody in the music world is seemingly fixated on the eagerly awaited musical output of a pair of prodigious punks in customized motorcycle helmets, the Lockerpartners have created a piece on a laudable batch of local masked minstrels, the fantastical 36-member beast known collectively as Itchy-O, the "big, broken toy box of dark junk and light."

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You've seen them snaking down the sidewalk conducting impromptu open-air orchestras to the delight of unsuspecting listeners. Or perhaps you've seen them take over a show already in progress with guerrilla-style marching-band tactics. Now, with this five-minute documentary, which was made in five days for this year's edition of the International Documentary Challenge, you can get some rare insight into the mythical Itchy-O's machinations.

Catch Itchy-O next on Friday, June 7, at 3 Kings Tavern, with Simon Cheffins of Crash Worship and Extra Action, Jon Weiss of Guantanamo School of Medicine and Ween, and Loto Ball with Phillip Haut of the Centimeters, and Ariel Pink. Tickets for the show are ten bucks in advance.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.