Get your goth on with Pictureplane tonight

Tonight at Rhinoceropolis, Pictureplane is kicking off his Goth Tour in fine style -- goth style, that is. The notice I just got asks attendees to dress goth (the picture left is a detail from the flier, ostensibly included as a helpful hint if you've forgotten what goth looks like). Sounds like some nostalgic fun, although I have to admit some confusion, since Pictureplane has never really struck me as gothy -- more like a lo-fi take on old-school trance and breaks with twee vocals laid over the top. Personally, I think it would be a lot cooler and more musically appropriate if he asked everyone to dress old-school rave -- bust out those big pants, pacifiers and visors, yo! -- but I'm not the one setting the agenda here, am I? Also on the bill are Nervesandgel (drone grooves), Christina the Hun (riot grrl), Belhor (black metal) and Natural Selection (danceable post-punk spiked with '70s jazz-funk). Sounds like a deliciously diverse line-up, no? Especially Natural Selection, who have been stuck in my head and iTunes playlists for some time now.

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