Getting stoned with Kruza Kid

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For some, smoking marijuana is as much of a lifestyle as it is a necessity. For others, it's all about just rolling up a fatty, sitting back with some music and just chillin' on the herb. Last week, of course, our state made history by voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In honor of this momentous occasion -- and while the specific legalities are being ironed out with the feds -- we thought we'd take a few minutes to catch up with various members of our musical community, the known imbibers, and get their thoughts on the whole issue. We sparked up last night with Kruza Kid (aka Zack Karuzas) before his show with Asher Roth at Cervantes' Other Side and got his thoughts on the impending legislation.

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Westword: Do you remember the first time you smoked weed?

Kruza Kid: Hell, yeah. I played little league football, and we were hanging out in one of my friend's basements. He lived in a fourplex, and the bottom floor was rented out to this guy who smoked weed. He let us come over one day and hit his bong and play with his blow dart gun and shoot it at walls and shit.

Sounds safe. What did you do after that?

I slept all day after that. The next day I had to hang out with my family, just sleeping at my grandma's table. She was like, "What's wrong?" and I had to just be like, "I'm too tired!" It was a trip.

Have you ever been arrested for marijuana?

Yeah, when I was in high school. I didn't even have anything on me, but they caught us smoking at our little smoking spot behind this park. I just told them that I took a hit, and I got possession by consumption.

How old were you?

I was a sophomore. The cops took me back after, and I was the new kid at the open school, so I got some props -- the ladies were like, "He's a bad boy."

Did you vote on Amendment 64?

Hell, yeah! For me, it just makes it easier. Also, I write about it a lot in my music, so I feel like there's going to be a lot more weed-smokin' rappers and whatnot. I think it'll definitely help me. But people are also saying that we are going to get a lot of tourists, but that's cool, too. The first time I put some of my music up, I wanted people to know the sounds coming out of Denver, but people didn't really agree with me. They said, "All you ever talk about is smoking weed." Then, like three years later, I was hearing Wiz Khalifa, and that's all he talks about.

Do you have your medical card?

Nope. I'm a rebel.

Do you think that's the way it should be?

It's like, I'm a rebel in the federal government's eyes. Some people think it's criminal, but I don't really agree with them.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.