Git Some

When Neil Keener and Chuck French of Planes Mistaken for Stars teamed up with former White Dynamite/Sparkles frontman Luke Fairchild and Handsome Bobby to form Git Some, bedlam was expected -- and this debut effort doesn't disappoint. Unlike many records from comparably passionate, dynamic bands,

Yes, Have Some

deftly captures the molten fury of the act's live show, instantly evoking the unrestrained mayhem you experience in front of the stage. Driven by adrenaline-fueled rhythms and Fairchild's explosive vocals, Git Some's wild abandon and complete disregard for punk conventions will appeal to fans of Angel Hair, the VSS and Drive Like Jehu. As with any great post-hardcore outfit, Git Some's greatest strength lies not in dishing out tame musical pieties, but in discharging cathartic bursts of noise that shatter angst and inhibitions.

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