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Git Some

On its latest release, Git Some doesn't exactly break new ground. Instead, the band cracks it beyond recognition, leaving it covered in broken glass and drenched in sweat and blood while destroying pretty much everything that rests upon it. Loose Control, the band's second full-length and first on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles imprint, takes the Black Flag-on-acid groundwork laid down on the group's last record, Cosmic Rock, and makes it more chaotic, psychotic and, somehow, louder. Guitar, drums and bass throw wild punches at each other while Luke Fairchild's trademark wail conjures up images of an involuntarily committed mental patient in a padded room ranting about felonious intent and sour intoxicants. It's a formula the boys of Git Some have perfected and will someday undoubtedly destroy.

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