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Global Groove World Music Festival

The globe may be far from grooving these days, but lovers and fighters, hawks and doves, Bush-lickers and Kerry converts alike can tune all of that out at the Global Groove World Music Festival. With its eclectic, communal vibe, the fest is an ozone-friendly, disaster-film-free example of global warming. Appropriately presented by Chipotle, Global Groove has a lot on its plate -- and, as with any exotic buffet, there may be a few lentils and lima beans to pick through before you reach the meat of the matter. But with artists such as DJ Cheb i Sabbah, Yerba Buena, Globesonic and David Lindley, the godfather of eclecticism, the two-day musical repast promises to be deeply satisfying. I Sabbah is a shaman of the decks, an Algerian worshiped as a seminal master of the seamless blending of tradition and technology. Yerba Buena's musical leader, Andres Levin, has worked with artists such as David Byrne and Macy Gray; his current band offers an intriguing mix of Afrobeat, Cuban rumba, hip-hop and Nuyorican boogaloo. For the Phish-phobic, Globesonic is a collective of Big Apple spinners who promise to break out the breakbeats and give the party an edge. So for a couple of days, stop the world -- and get off.
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Patrick Casey