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Globe Hall Starting Live Music This Weekend

Globe Hall, a Texas-style smokehouse and dive bar in Globeville, started serving barbecue and pouring drinks yesterday, and will kick off its music programming in the attached music hall this weekend with free shows featuring Gasoline Lollipops and Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels on Friday, as well as Jen Korte & the Loss and John Common Superheart on Saturday.

Globe owner Jeff Cornelius says he fell in love with live music while going to shows on 6th Street, Austin's main drag for music venues. During his stint in that city, he was exposed to a variety of music. Instead of focusing on a particular genre at Globe Hall, he says he wants the venue in the former home of the Sidewider Tavern at 4483 Logan Street “to be kind of a little bit of a hybrid and not really get pigeonholed in any one thing but kind of have really accessible, fun, danceable music.”

So expect an assortment of acts — whether honky-tonk, blues, reggae, bluegrass, Americana, alt-country or indie rock — to be playing in the 200-person music hall on Fridays and Saturdays. Cornelius says that while he'll book bands to play on the weekends until the Globe gets some momentum, he’ll let the market decide when the time is right to expand the music programming. Eventually, he'd also like to bring in some bigger national acts — which the room could handle, since it has a completely new sound system, including a new digital soundboard, monitors, main speakers, sub woofers and amps.
Cornelius says he fell in love with the building — which was built in 1903 and served as St. Jacob’s Lodge Hall before becoming the Sidewinder Tavern in the ‘70s — because it reminded him of lot of the places he went to in Texas. “And then when I just looked across the river — you can walk outside here and look over and see all the buildings downtown,” he says. “You look on the other side of I-70 and there’s the National Western Complex, and it’s about ready to get completely redeveloped.”

Cornelius notes that while Globe Hall is part of Globeville, it’s also technically part of RiNo, and located just a few minutes from The Source and Taxi and about a six-minute drive from downtown.

“My plan is that I want to pull not just the hipsters from downtown and not just some people from City Park or Stapleton,” Cornelius says. “I want to pull people from Westminster, Brighton, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch. I want to make this place a destination just like all these places are in Texas, where people load up their family in the car and they’re like, ‘We’re driving 45 minutes to get the best barbecue and we’re going to listen to some live music.’”

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