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Gold Standard at 24K helps Rockie usher in the release of Gold Dreams

Line down the block? Check. Impeccably dressed security guards? Check. Booming music from two floors? Double check. Last night at 24K for the unofficial kick off of YOLO season, damn near everyone you know in Denver, plus some cats you've probably forgotten about, were lined up to get into Gold Standard, the latest party from Lotus Concepts, Francoise Baptiste and Alvin LaCabe of 3 Deep and Kevin Kain Ent., also the site of Rockie's release party for his new joint, Gold Dreams.

The club was jammed well before midnight with plenty more queued in front of the club waiting to get in, with the overflow spilling onto the sidewalk in front of Spill, the club next door, much to the annoyance of one that club's security guards who barked, "This isn't 24K!" on several occaisions.

Weaving in and out of the masses, we found our way inside, with the help of Kevin Kain who guided us through three different lines to find a scene that could have easily been the set of a live music video. There were girls in frilly dresses, guys in button-ups, huge screens projecting photos of more gorgeous girls, bartenders slinging drinks with precision and fervor.

Rockie was flanked by Squizzy Gang crew, while video cameras captured all the action, and KDJ Above rocked an entire set dedicated to the Gold Dreams MC. Bottles were popping, lights were flashing, and the only thing louder than Rockie and his crew screaming the lyrics to his music was the booming bass.

The feeling inside the club was euphoric and exclusive. With a line of people outside still trying to get in, KDJ was rocking every hit you could imagine to keep the party moving, and Rockie and his crew were standing on the couches, waving their arms in camaraderie, as chants of "Gold Dreams! Gold Dreams!" permeated the air. As hype as the crowd seemed to be, Friday night at the Gold Standard was fucking ridiculous.

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