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Grab the Heyday's album for a song

Here's a new variation on the In Rainbows paradigm that actually seems quite viable. Regular blog readers have probably already heard all about this, if they caught Eryc Eyl's 1090 Club blog item back in December, but if not, check this out; it's pretty cool: There's this digital music distributor called Amie Street that's been selling local releases. Big deal, right? Wait a sec. What makes the company unique is that it sets its pricing based upon demand. The concept is pretty simple and straightforward -- the price goes up with each purchase. Needless to say, it's best to get in on the ground floor. Speaking of which, if you head over now, you can pick up the Heyday's full album for $3.25. Click, click, click. Off you go.

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Dave Herrera
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