Great American Techno Festival 2013 full lineup

Back in May, the folks at the Great American Techno Festival revealed part of the lineup for the third annual edition of their burgeoning techno extravaganza, slated to take place from Friday, September 13, through Sunday, September 15. We now have the complete lineup. In addition to Lusine and Bruno Pronsato, a slew of additional acts such as Ctrl_Alt_Dlt and Drumcell have been added. Get earlybird tickets starting today for $30, and keep reading to see the full lineup.

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Great American Techno Festival 2013 Skyline Park | Beta Nightclub | NORAD Dance Bar Denver, CO

Jeff Mills (Axis Records - Chicago, IL) Lusine (Ghostly International - Seattle, WA) Bruno Pronsato (thesongsays - Seattle, WA) Kyle Geiger (Cubera/Drumcode/Soma - Ft. Wayne, IN) Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium - Queens, NY) Brendon Moeller (Steadfast/Prologue - New York, NY) Hipp-E (H Foundation/Roots/Surface/Soma - Denver, CO) Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Sweatbox - Seattle, WA) Insideout (Clink/thesongsays - New York, NY) Drumcell (Droid Behavior - Los Angeles, CA) Raíz (Droid Behavior - Los Angeles, CA) Truncate (Droid Behavior - Los Angeles, CA) Dean Paul (Droid Behavior - Los Angeles, CA) Matt Rissi (Solar Cathedral - Cedar Rapids, IA) Andrew S (Dirty Epic - Los Angeles, CA) Alala.One (Communikey - Boulder, CO) André Orcutt (P.U.N.C.H.I.S. - Denver, CO) Bones (GATF/Roots - Denver, CO) David Last (Konque - Denver, CO) Hoang (The Blend - Denver, CO) Sami T (The Blend - Denver, CO) Steofan (GATF/Communikey/Make Mistakes - Denver, CO) Ten & Tracer (Unoiki - Denver, CO)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.