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Gregory Alan Isakov slated to tour with Ani DiFranco

Okay, so is it just us or has anyone else noticed that Gregory Alan Isakov seems to have a way with the ladies? First he caught the notice of Brandi Carlile, who made a cameo on his latest record, This Empty Northern Hemisphere -- which, incidently, you can begin pre-ordering on vinyl this Friday through Suburban Home Records in advance of the vinyl release party on Saturday, October 17 at the Bluebird -- and with whom he ended up touring with. He likewise made quite the impression on the Indigo Girls, who sang his praises in several recent interviews. And now comes word that he'll be embarking on a series of Midwest dates with Ani DiFranco after performing at Monolith. We're guessing the two met on the first day of this year's Mile High Music Fest, which both performed at. Makes you wonder what it is about the dude that resonates with the fairer sex ... ah, what the heck are we saying here? Isakov's songs have been making us swoon since the first time we heard them. See a full list of Isakov's upcoming dates after the jump.

Gregory Alan Isakov
Fall/Winter 2009

09/12/09 - Monolith
09/13/09 - Aurora, IL*
09/15/09 Rochester, MN*
09/16/09 - Duluth, MN*
09/18/09 - Fargo, ND*
09/19/09 - Winnipeg, Manitoba*
09/20/09 - Minneapolis, MN*
09/22/09 - Green Bay, WI*
09/23/09 - Chicago, IL*
09/25/09 - Ann Arbor, MI*
10/09/09 - Lyons, CO - Wildflower Pavilion
10/12/09 - Ft. Collins, CO - Everyday Joe's+
10/17/09 - Denver, CO - Bluebird**
12/01/09 - Los Angeles, CA
02/21/10 - Miami, FL

* with Ani DiFranco
+ with Katie Herzig
** vinyl release party

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