Grizzly Rock opening in former After the Gold Rush/Club Arriba spot

While the Grizzly Rose has been bringing in country acts since the 1989, the venue has had a lot of success bringing in '80s-centric rock bands like Dokken and Brett Michaels. So it makes sense that the same folks behind the Grizzly Rose plan to open their own rock club. Grizzly Rock is slated to open around Thanksgiving in the former Club Arriba location in Lakewood, which has gone through several permutations in the past three decades, including Hollywood Legends and After the Gold Rush.

Lindy Hulseberg, Grizzly Rose's marketing manager and events coordinator, says they're taking what they've done at Grizzly Rose and making it rock and roll. She says they'll have local rock acts Wednesdays through Saturdays and national acts two or three times a month.

The idea, she says, is to keep the music light-hearted and fun and not too heavy and dark and at the same time appealing to thirty, forty and fifty-somethings. "We've got a great reputation here, and we do really well with them, so why not make a whole venue for it," Hulseberg says. "Let the Grizzly Rose be country and Grizzly Rock be rock.

Renovations have already started on the venue, and Hulseberg says they'll hopefully bring it back to the way it used to be when it was After the Gold Rush. The outside of the building will be refinished, and they'll be bringing in pool tables for the upper level, where there will also be a VIP bottle service area. The stage is being expanded and a green room is being put in as well.

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