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After the schizophrenic disaster that was Gusto, Guttermouth is trying to appease its pissed-off fans by returning to the work at hand. That is, pissing off anyone within earshot with sophomoric Vandals humor and incendiary barbs. No subject is off limits, and anyone offended risks being lampooned the next time around. Eat Your Face is so back-to-basics that the euthanasia in "My Neighbor's Baby" attempts to one-up the shock of Suicidal Tendencies' "I Saw Your Mommy." Loaded with funny-the-first-time jokes and smirking rhymes like "Hairpieces are cheaper/down in Costa Ric-er," "Octopus Hairpiece and "Surf's Up Asshole" are a Surf Punks two-fer tribute. Educating with humor, the stellar "Party of Two" takes on the Donkey and the Elephant in an electoral pop-core sendup. Mark Adkins's traditional geek-punk delivery is fine until he affects a British accent so intentionally bad it ceases being amusing. If the dumb jokes don't put a shelf life on these tunes, the inclusion of studio outtakes and answering-machine messages between songs certainly seals their fate.
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Rick Skidmore