Harlem Shake it at Red Rocks, Colorado

Quick: If you were Colorado and you wanted to jump on the bandwagon of a nearly exhausted Internet phenomenon and, say, film a Harlem Shake video of your own with thousands of your closest friends (okay, maybe not thousands -- only 86 people have confirmed so far, while 52 are still on the fence), where would you go? I mean, what place just screams Colorado unlike anywhere else? If you said Red Rocks, pat yourself on the back. No surprise, then, that this Saturday, February 23, at 2 p.m., a local Harlem Shake shoot is planned. Clear your calendar. Wouldn't want to miss your chance to be among the last people on the planet to do the Shake and help this flickeringly relevant meme finally jump the shark.

Update: Oddly, we just learned that there's another completely separate Harlem Shake shoot being organized by an entirely different set of people that's slated for next weekend on Saturday, March 2 at 12 p.m. So if for whatever reason you can't make the one mentioned below, you'll have one more chance to be immortalized.

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