Heavy Metal in Baghdad Puts Things in Perspective

How many times have you overheard someone in a band grumbling about having to go on first, or not being able to land a weekend slot, or having to play in front of only twenty people? Yeah, those folks would do well to sit down for a chat with the members of Acrassicauda. Reared on Metallica and billed as Baghdad's only metal band, the group has only performed live twice in two years. Twice. And even then, only one of its show took place on the musicians' native soil, and both sets were performed for a dozen or so fans. None of this, however, sapped the outfit's unbridled passion. Acrassicauda's harrowing story is captured on Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a moving new doc from the folks at Vice. After witnessing their plight, we're pretty sure that playing on a Wednesday night in front of ten drunks might sound pretty good. Check out the trailer after the jump.

-- Dave Herrera

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