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Here are the winners of the 2011 Denver #WebAwards in the category we're loosely dubbing "music," which means Backbeat scribes report on the happenings in these areas, right here on Backbeat. These are the winners only; for a complete list of finalists go here: "Here are your 2011 Denver #WebAwards finalists." View the complete list of 2011 #WebAwards winners.

Music Blog This Song Is Sick is Denver's Best Busic Blog.

An early sign that your blog has made it is when the traffic to your site crashes the servers. That's what happened to Nick Guarino's This Song Is Sick electronic-music blog, when the Boulder-based blogger released an exclusive Big Gigantic song in May. The second sign that your blog has made it is when the imitators - who shall remain nameless here - spring up. What makes This Song Is Sick sing is its run of releasing exclusive tracks - seemingly the best strategy to get visitors returning to your blog daily.

MC on Twitter @Isisspeaks is Denver's Best MC on Twitter.

If the daring gaze from her big brown eyes doesn't draw you in immediately, her bio ("I can give it to you but what you gon' do with it?," from Method Man) surely will. Isis Speaks is the artist to follow on Twitter. Honest, direct, cultured and funny, Isis - also a Westword Music Showcase Award winner - is an emerging MC on the hip-hop scene. Her joking and easy demeanor have garnered her respect from many of her peers. Usually riffing on music (she loves Nina Simone), style (hates men with mohawks), and womanism (she's a staunch feminist), Isis makes Twitter a much more entertaining place.

Nightclub on Facebook Club Vinyl is Denver's Best Nightclub on Facebook.

It's not out of the ordinary to see constant promotional updates from clubs; after all, it's their job to promote their shows. Vinyl goes even further by posting random photos, quotes and links to pictures of the venue's events on Facebook. With a commanding social-media presence, Vinyl does a fine job of engaging club-goers, with unique promotions such as photo contests for patrons, who have the chance to be named "Fan of the Month" and receive free bottle service on a night of their choosing.

Best Shameless Self Promoter Peter Black is Denver's Best Shameless Self-Promoter.

First things first: This is a tongue-in-cheek award, given to the hustling-est promoters in Denver, who are pushing their parties, releases, artists or anything else they put their weight behind. That promoter this year is Denver DJ and promoter Peter Black, whose Denver After Dark electronic-music festival this past August was a big hit for its attendance and curated selection of white-hot local music talent.

Youtube Music VideoCobraConda's "BBHM$"

is Denver's Best Music Video on YouTube.

"BBHM$" (shorthand for "Bitch better have my money"), CobraConda's highly explicit video, is an homage to the vices these guys admire - namely, sex, drugs and, well, partying. From the scenes depicting fellatio to the brazen cocaine consumption, the clip pushes the envelope of what is acceptable for music videos and offers a birds-eye view of hedonism in the flesh.

DJ/Producer on Twitter @KdjaBoVe is Denver's Best DJ on Twitter.

KDJ Above is a DJ who's figured out how to make Twitter work for him. Using his timeline to promote his endless gigs (on any given night, he's likely to be spinning somewhere in the city), his mix show and his quest for good music, KDJ Above's tweets are fun-filled and easy to follow. There's an equal amount of promotion, conversation and links to good music. He shares what he's listening to, previews tracks he plans to spin at the club, and keeps a solid stream of hip-hop running through the timeline on a daily basis.

Locally Built Music Phone App StagePass is Denver's Best Locally Designed Music App.

This smartphone application was just released, but it's unparalleled on the open market (recording studios use this technology). StagePass allows you filter all your music through a certain algorithm so that the audio sounds exactly as it would if you were actually at one of the featured venues. Are you sad that your favorite band has yet to grace the stage at Red Rocks? Fear not: StagePass allows you to hear that super-underground indie band just as if they were rocking the Rocks. Comprising more than 45 venues so far, StagePass will continue to update its featured venues so you can re-create that one memory from that one show at that one place.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.