Here's Your Westword Music Showcase 2016 Survival Guide

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Heads up! The 2016 Westword Music Showcase is now under way. If you want to buy a ticket, they're still available at the gate: $55 for General Admission and $125 for VIP. Here's how to survive the day of fun and exhausted eardrums:

We’ve all been there. You’re at a music festival with all your friends, having the time of your life, when some guy named Brock shows up bumming for cigarettes. In exchange for one, he says, he’ll give you some pot. You already ate your daily dose of 2.7 gummies, but think, what the hell?

The Westword Music Showcase is all about trying new things. We encourage you to listen to bands you’ve never heard of in venues you’ve never been to — and to not get so blitzed that you miss all the good stuff. (But, again, we’ve been there.) To keep you safe and happy, we’ve corralled advice for the best Showcase experience.
1. Immediately after you arrive, locate the first-aid tent, which will be at Twelfth and Acoma streets. Yep, even before you get a drink. We understand that you or a friend might party a little too hard, and that’s okay. We just want you to know where to go if that happens.

2. Bring a vape pen, but not for the reason you might think. If you really want to toke up just when your favorite band starts, avoid pulling out a joint or a pipe unless you want to risk spending the rest of the concert in the arms of a security guard. Bring your pen and toke up on the down low.

3. Lyft, Uber or bike to the Showcase. Parking is a bitch. (Bike parking will be at the Denver Community Credit Union, 1075 Acoma Street.)

4. At Showcase and in life in general, drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen frequently and liberally. If you think you’ve had enough water, drink an extra bottle. You’ll avoid headaches and worse. If you’ve covered yourself in sunscreen, reapply in thirty minutes. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

5. In order to catch the most shows, make a schedule (our nifty pocket guide can help). And if that schedule doesn’t work out, it’s good to have a Plan B, But if neither works out, don’t sweat it. Walk around willy-nilly. Stumble into a new venue, and if you don’t like it, stumble into another. As long as you’re open to new experiences, you’ll have a blast.

The Westword Music Showcase takes place Saturday, June 25, with 100 local bands plus national headliners including Dillon Francis, Matt and Kim and Cold War Kids, all performing on sixteen stages across the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Music starts at noon and ends at 10 p.m.; get tickets and information at westwordshowcase.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.