Hindershot shoots video for "Curse Us All"

Sure, we were all exhausted and hungover from Saturday's Westword Music Showcase (

the biggest one to date

, and it felt like it in the most awesome way possible) but Hindershot didn't care. The band took advantage of yesterday's gorgeous weather, spending most of the afternoon filming a new video for "Curse Us All," a song off of the band's newest EP, due out at the end of July.

Band members covered friends and fellow local musicians in raw eggs, fake blood, blue-tinted milk, flour and You Can't Do That On Television-style green slime (actually just dyed pudding), as director and cinematographer Ryan Lee caught both live-action shots and film stills of the mid-air goo tossing.

"Basically, we just thought it would look really cool and be fun and weird and awkward to get as many friends over as we could and just throw things at and on them," says Hindershot's Patrick Kelly, of the concept. Kelly shares that while he doesn't want to spoil the finished product with too many details, there is promise of an emphasis on the most dramatic drenches and splatters. Lee's images will also serve as the cover to the yet-to-be-titled Hindershot EP, which will be out just in time for the band's EP release and summer tour kick-off show at 3 Kings Tavern on Friday, July 8.

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