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Hindershot, Thursday, August 26, at the Larimer Lounge

If you've been a cognizant observer of local bands at all, you may see these guys take the stage and think, "Oh, no, it's another one of those local-band supergroups!" Rather than try to list the other projects that have contributed to this sextet, let's just say that Hindershot (due at the Larimer Lounge on Thursday, August 26) doesn't sound like any of its members' other bands. If anything, these guys are charting warped melodic territory akin to that of early Brian Eno solo albums. Vibrantly atmospheric and possessed of a kinetic on-stage energy that in itself constitutes a strong presence, Hindershot, despite its Eno-esque proclivities, would never be taken for glam-rock revivalists. The group does, however, make pop music for people who prefer songs with depth combined with a playful spirit.

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Tom Murphy is a writer, visual artist and musician from Aurora, Colorado. He was a prolific music writer for Westword and a documenter of the Denver music scene.