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The Maybellines, with Dear Nora and Jason Heller Thursday, March 30, at the Bluebird Theater, bounce around the same musical stratosphere like fellow locals the Breezy Porticos and Dressy Bessy, and it's an affiliation the band wears like a scratch-and-sniff sticker. The cover of the band's new self-titled single features an image of a cheerful ladybug sitting among pink and white flowers, which is a fitting representation of the four songs offered. Tunes like "What About Me?" and "Our Midnight" are highlighted by Julie Dorough's ready-for-springtime vocals and organ playing; drummer Alice Gilbert, guitarist Mike Levasseur and bassist Dave Reeves back her with a sound that's as smart as it is sweet. The band (named for Mother Maybelle Carter, not the makeup line) recently inked a deal with New York's Shelflife Records and is set to release a full-length album next month. In the meantime, Thursday's show with Portland's Dear Nora (the next big indie thang from Magic Marker records) is a good opportunity to experience the Maybellines in all of their live, poppy splendor. C'mon, get happy.
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