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Popular saxophonist Vic Cionetti, Sunday, December 10, at the Gothic Theatre, officially returns to the Denver jazz scene with his first public concert in more than ten years. Jazz Alley TV will tape the 8 p.m. show for future broadcast. It will be Cionetti's first appearance on stage since he abruptly quit performing in 1990 to, in his words, "earn a living so I could return to music." His new Latin-flavored CD, Simpatico (Artena Records), has already gotten airplay on over a hundred U.S. radio stations, but his comeback before a live audience promises, he says, "to be one of the most exciting nights of my life." The contemporary saxophonist's sidemen, who come from near and far, will include pianists Eric Gunnison and Tom Sandquist, trumpeters Doug Kile, Garner Pruitt and Rick Jordan, three trombonists, guitarist Randy Chavez (of Opie Gone Bad), bassist Peter Huffaker and a full complement of five percussionists on drums, congas, timbales and timpani. For tickets call 303-380-2333 or go to
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