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Dusty Drapes & the Dusters, Thursday, October 11, at the Bluebird Theater and Friday, October 12, at the Boulder Theater, have pulled off a comeback that would make Elway envious. The group -- the state's first alt-country outfit, formed in 1976 -- initially reunited for a sold-out concert at the Boulder Theater in March. Highlighted by the band's seasoned playing and the joyful exuberance that comes with reclaiming one's past glories, the show put the Dusters back in business. And rightfully so. Drapes (aka Steve Swenson) and his reassembled cast of cheeky cowboys play a brand of country-and-Western that's honest, unpretentious and uplifting. The bandmembers wrap their seasoned chops around Asleep at the Wheel's boogie, Bob Wills's swing and the neo-retro twang of Junior Brown, who got his start with the Dusters. The group's renewed popularity gets an extra boost at this week's shows, which will also serve as CD-release gigs. Dusty and his pals will be selling their first new recording in years, a live disc recorded at the earlier Boulder show. If you're an old fan of the band, here's your chance to dust off your cowboy hat and step back in time with the ol' posse. New to the joys of the Front Range twang scene? Stop in and see how Colorado's veteran ranch hands do it in the 21st century.
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Marty Jones