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Drummer Kenny James has done time in so many local outfits, from Sympathy F and the Samples to United Dope Front and Judge Roughneck, that one might think he has some sort of chameleon type of musical sensibility. The famously active local skinsman -- who last appeared on local stages from behind the kit with Jeep, a fellow former Sample -- confirms those suspicions with The Witching Hour. The one-man project finds James assuming the persona of Stormy Chase, a glam-monger who relishes the spotlight and enjoys smashing audience expectations with an aggro blend of softcore metal, operatic balladry and the occasional flaming plume. More than six years in the making, TWH released its first CD, Angels in Shadowed Blue -- a polished studio effort that's heavy on chops, celestial imagery and Poltergeist samples -- late last year. James, er, Chase makes a rare live appearance at Herman's Hideaway on Thursday, February 14, with Siren Project and Xiren. Don't expect the electrical charge that surges through Angels, however: James, along with a supporting crew that includes members of Rocket Ajax and On Second Thought, will perform in an ambient, acoustic configuration. Be bewitched.
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Laura Bond
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