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A nasty gash from a broken full-length mirror left Andy Falconetti in need of emergency surgery on his calf last summer. Still recuperating (through the curative one-two punch of prescription drugs and bad daytime television), the frontman for Denver's Breezy Porticos -- who open for Athens-based pop upstarts Of Montreal on Wednesday, October 9, at the Bluebird -- actually has more experience with Paper Cuts, his own homespun label. It issues mostly vinyl-only copies of the trio's soothing songcraft. Influenced by classic '60s Brit-pop outfits like the Zombies and the Kinks, the Breezy P's keep it crisp with the tuneful and economic chemistry of bassist Jeff Almond (Minders) and timekeeper Eric Van Leuven (Anti-Scrunti Faction). The band's retro aesthetic (Falconetti actually strums a polka-dotted Danelectro!) blends loopy melodies, hooks and three-part harmonies into elegiac verselets about yard sales and Crayola sunsets. So, while the leaves change color and pumpkins gather frost, there's still time to enjoy the perfect summer soundtrack.
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John La Briola