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Since the demise of the late, great Foreskin 500, most of Dave Kerr's appearances before local audiences have found him standing behind a turntable deck and donning a pair of headphones. He's had informal "residencies" at the Lion's Lair and the 15th Street Tavern, gigs that were more likely to involve a sweet collection of old soul records and curios rather than breakbeats and glow sticks. On Friday, October 18, at the Bluebird Theater, Kerr officially returns to the band fray with More Than Human, a project that pairs him with former Baldo Rex member John Call. According to Kerr, the droney, psychedelic instrumental duo involves a solitary Moog synth, a drum machine, Call on live drums and a host of odd electronic contraptions. "I don't want to give away all of our secrets," Kerr demurs, adding that he's concerned about the hundred-decibel restriction in place at the 'Bird. "We are just really loud and weird." That description applies to varying degrees to They Will Use Your Bones for Tools, as well as to Cedars of Lebanon, a Planes Mistaken for Stars offshoot that also makes its live debut this week. DJ Aztec rounds out an enticingly erratic evening of locally generated noise.
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