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Blister 66 has attained a musical fluidity that allows it to change with the tides -- as well as trends in mainstream commercial rock. Today the band's lineup is almost completely different from the one that unleashed a rap-metal mélange on Denver in the late '90s. Yet the big prize has remained ever elusive: Major labels have reportedly wooed the popular hip-core band, but none have yet tied the contractual knot. Last year the band inked a deal with the German indie label MTM for the limited release of a new album, Middle Amerikan Tragedy, and vocalist/founder Chris Dellinger fervently leads Blister on a warpath of self-promotion. So while ever dancing on the brink of a breakout, the group can claim local fame as the five-time winner of the Westword Music Showcase award for "Best Hard Rock" act. Regular performances at festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour and successful regional tours have also helped keep its fan base strong. Blister's White Trash Christmas, which takes place at the Ogden Theatre on Saturday, December 21, is one of the year's most anticipated events in more hard-leaning circles. Dig Six Down, Rexway, Gripped and Dos Locos -- a new project featuring Dellinger and Dig Six Down's Chris Yaws -- help keep the trailer-park party happening through the night. Would someone pass the Schlitz?
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Catalina Soltero
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