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Ross Kersten probably owes Paul Westerberg about six million beers. As the leader of the LaDonnas through the '90s, the Wisconsin-born singer-guitarist crafted a deliciously rambunctious, lager-laced rock-and-roll sound that owed more than an aesthetic debt to the Replacements. (The band's cover of "Can't Hardly Wait" became a live staple.) The LaDonnas also shared a kinship with the punk-flavored fuzzcore outfits that lurked around the Pacific Northwest in the pre-grunge days, and enjoyed a long affiliation with Smooch Pooch Records, an affiliate of Sub Pop. But though the band flirted with success outside of Denver -- and certainly enjoyed a favorite-band status here -- the 'Donnas dismantled in 2000 when Kersten moved to Germany. Fortunately, he came back -- perhaps he was unwilling to don lederhosen? -- and formed a power-popping, riff-aricious new rawk band called the Tongues. Kersten, Boss 302 drummer Tony Weissenberg, LaDonnas bassist Brad Stanton and Steerjockey's William Jefferson Hodo make their live debut on Tuesday, December 31, at the Larimer Lounge. Tongues, we're pleased to meet you.
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