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To see Space Team Electra live is to see Myshel Prasad summon spirits. In the band's moody, melancholy moments, the singer channels the high priestess of poetic punk drama, Patti Smith; during harder numbers, her guitar-laden grind recalls Inger Lorre, leader of the late, great Nymphs. But Prasad's personal spirit shines brighter than any of those from the past: She is on stage to purge her soul, and, fortunately, it's a pleasing soul to listen to. With Space Team's latest release, The Intergalactic Torch Song, Prasad and company construct a wall of sound so huge, thick and fuzzy it could hold Phil Spector captive -- not to mention, you. In what is becoming something of a Denver tradition, the band will perform with fellow dream merchants the Czars on Friday, March 7, at Cervantes' Master Ballroom; the show is a benefit for the Colorado AIDS Project. Expected highlights include a couple of Space Team collaborations with the stoic six-piece which, after coming off a recent overseas tour, sounds as tight, confident and vibrant as ever.
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Patrick Casey