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Melissa London lists the ability to cast siren spells among her talents as the frontwoman of Project 12:01, an electronically enhanced combo that she co-founded with keyboardist Noel Johannes. And just one listen to her voice, whether live or recorded, supports that claim. Situated somewhere on the dark side of the electro universe -- with shades of gothic romanticism as prevelant as low-wave pop -- the Project's debut full-length, Time for a Taste, is a tasty bit of programming that places London's beguiling vocals at the center of the mix. The band is one of many that will add a musical component to this year's Opus Fantasy Arts Festival, which touches down in the John Q. Hammond Convention Center at the Holiday Inn DIA on Friday, April 18. The festival aims to unite writers, artists, musicians and other visionaries who share an affinity for flights of creative fantasy -- in this earthly realm and others.
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