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The peculiar practice of strapping eight wheels to your feet and attempting to shakily circle a rink that's dimly lit by a dingy disco ball is no longer a ritual strictly relegated to the Clearasil set. That's right: You can flash back to the post-primary-school pleasures of gorging on nachos, working the Asteroids joystick and getting your nerve up for the sweaty-palmed couples skate this Saturday, September 6, at Roll-O-Rama (8370 Welby Road, Thornton) from 11:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. While some things never change -- sucking down a suicide soda while attempting to navigate the tile-floored maze of a roller rink restroom will still make you every janitor's worst nightmare -- Rollermania offers some added attractions. On Saturday night, the beat of this roller rink will be provided by real live bands and DJs. Skate to the decibel-heavy, spaced-out sonics of May Riots, along with the spastic discordia of the Sparkles. Later on, DJs Alisha, Snugfit and Foxtrot will be spinning hypnotic, pulsating beats for those blissfully rolling in repetitive circles. So don't pass up a rare chance to relive the seventh grade -- minus the peach fuzz and chaperons.
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Patrick Casey