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The anxieties and neuroses of modern living have been documented for decades by legions of psychologists and prophets, scientists and seers. Add to that list Denver's own Navy Girls, who will play a free show on Saturday, January 22, at the Larimer Lounge with Denunzio and Pinkuu. But while most groups merely sing about the tensions and travails of our post-analog society, this band embodies them instead. Formed two years ago by longtime friends Samuel Cooper, Kyle Cantrell, Jesse Inslee and Adam Bauermeister, Navy Girls quickly evolved into one of the most unique and enigmatic live acts in town. Jerking with an awkward, disjointed torque, the four players draw and quarter each song, yanking the pieces in different directions until they all snap back together in sanity-rattling concussions. Rock, dub and post-punk all vie for dominance in the group's split personality, establishing some kind of funky equilibrium between Augustus Pablo, !!! and Liquid Liquid. Besides its hectic live schedule, the quartet is currently sewing up its debut full-length, which was produced in part by Chris Adolf of local indie-pop luminary Bad Weather California. But with Cooper's imminent relocation to Los Angeles to "hang out, go to the beach and pick up surfing," the future of Navy Girls is a bit dubious -- all the more reason to catch the band's panic-inciting act while you still can.
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Jason Heller
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