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General Populace simultaneously pays homage and pushes parameters in its exploration of the jazz genre. The act's performances are highlighted by Bec Mhalek's baritone sax and her unique slap-tongue technique, which peppers select songs with a percussive chirp and pop. Meanwhile, Dave Cieri's Hammond B-3 organ seems at times to take on the spirit and psychotic swirl of a possessed carousel, and bassist Mike Brown is known to break out the bow on his stand-up bass during the band's spastic, chaotic, atonal splurges. Providing the bottom end and much more, drummer Andrew Lindstrom uses everything from sticks and brushes to a bare-handed massage of the skins in his quest for a desired effect. On Tuesday, March 16, the quartet appears at Dulcinea's 100th Monkey, a space whose decor is as unique as its name. Strewn with multi-colored thrift-store lamps, coma-inducing sofas and abstract paintings that peer from periwinkle walls, the space has the feel of a good friend's living room -- if that friend was, say, Ken Kesey. Embodying the improvisational mix-and-match aesthetic of this beatnik paradise, General Populace should provide the perfect soundtrack.
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Patrick Casey