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Seeing as how George W. "Blow 'Em All Up" Bush was somehow nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, all of a sudden it makes sense that the award's founder, Alfred B. Nobel, wasn't known for penning a famous treaty or curing some disease. He invented...dynamite. And just like the nitroglycerine-based explosive, White Dynamite is a volatile compound of noise, heat, energy and danger. The foursome came together late last year after screamer/guitarist Luke Fairchild, previously of such nerve-singeing outfits as Why Planes Go Down and Sparkles, cooked up a chemistry with guitarist Desiree Gonzales, bassist Joe Ramirez and drummer Nick Cox. The resultant music is a stick of TNT screwed into your skull: Percussion detonates in concussive sprays as spikes of pyrotechnics stab out of the guitars, triggering flashbacks to Drive Like Jehu and Circus Lupus. Intermittently, Fairchild gnaws at the microphone, spitting acid and shitting sparks. So light the fuse and step back: White Dynamite goes off on Saturday, March 27, at the Larimer Lounge, with the Swayback, Kill Me Tomorrow and Year Future, the newest project by Sonny Kay, previously of Angel Hair and the VSS. And be sure to show up early for Fairchild and his world-class wrecking crew: If there were a Nobel prize for sheer rock annihilation, we'd bet on White Dynamite.
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