Holiday Freeloader: Christmas tunes from the Alan Baird Project and Melissa Axel

With just four days left until Christmas, the yuletide-oriented tunes keep pouring in. Today, we stumbled across a pair of tracks, one of which just may end up being our favorite for years to come. The first one is from The Alan Baird Project. It's a modern rock reading of the standard, "Emanuel." We're not going to lie. We weren't particularly blown away with this version, nor does it sound all that festive. Nonetheless, being that we're in the Christmas spirit and all, we're going to go ahead give the guys an "A" for effort. We're much bigger fans of the other ode, an original from Melissa Axel, Modern Tuba and Friends called "Sleigh Ride in Bora Bora." Perhaps due to more or less nicking at least part of the melody line of "Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer," the song just sounds instantly warm and familiar, and being cold weather creatures, we definitely appreciate the sentiment of spending the holidays in the Pacific. Download both tracks below.

MP3: "Emanuel," The Alan Baird Project
MP3: "Sleigh Ride in Bora Bora," Melissa Axel, Modern Tuba and Friends (links to name your price download)

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